our happy clients say it all

thanks for "invaluable content" and "helping me close 6-figure contracts"

Over the course of the past several years I have poured through hours upon hours of Ilise's Marketing Mentor content. Her book 'The Designers Guide to Marketing and Pricing' helped me build a successful creative agency. Her Proposal Bundle helped me close six figure contracts.

Years later, after leaving the agency, I took those same skills and applied those to building a booming freelance career.

Ilise's content is truly invaluable to anyone wanting to launch or grow their creative career

Jake Jorgovan - http://www.Jake-Jorgovan.com

thanks for the proposal bundle -- I got the project!

I hadn't done a proposal in a long time, so when a new prospect asked for one, I immediately bought your 2 proposal bundles and used them as a guide for flow, what to say, how to say, check list, etc. Last week I submitted the proposal when I met with the prospect in person. As soon as she pulled it out of the envelope and flipped through it, she said "You win for best looking proposal, I can tell you that right away!" So hopefully, I'll win for content as well. Either way, I did it with a lot of help from your proposal bundles! I'm glad to have one finished and feel more prepared for others that may come my way. THANK YOU!

(1 week later) I wanted to tell you I was awarded that proposal last week! I meet with them tomorrow to nail things down, but they want to start right away. They said they hope to go with the 3rd option which was the most complete and expensive. So thanks so much for all of your stellar advice! I'm thrilled with the bundles I bought. They were very helpful to say the least!


thanks for helping me get new clients

I know it's been a while since we chatted but I wanted to send a note of thanks. In the short time we worked together your advice was invaluable. Because of the updates to my Linked In profile per your suggestions, I landed one of my biggest clients. And the warm email prospecting has proven to give me a new client and some great leads that are in the works. I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!! I hope to work with you again the future because I would like to see my business evolve and grow more and more.

Christine Case - Bootcamp Designer

thanks for being "better than a fairy godmother"

Working with ilise is better than having a fairy godmother. She teaches you how to connect with your dream clients and price appropriately, helping you grow your business into what you've always wished it to be.

Kathleen - bluebirddesignco.com

thanks for "getting me out of feast or famine"

Ilise's guidance and support helped me move from the feast-or-famine cycle - in which I did sales calls during slow times, then dropped the ball completely when busy - to a comprehensive marketing program that has transformed my business. In our year of work together we refined our firm's positioning, launched a dynamic new website, started a monthly newsletter campaign and got two articles published in a major industry magazine. I narrowed our area of specialization after she helped me see how much easier and more effective that made marketing. Once we did that, the opportunities seemed more abundant, not less. Best of all - I'm working with more my dream clients doing my dream projects.

Cynthia - sterlingcreativeworks.com

thanks for 18% growth

I worked with Ilise over a period of 1 year and her advice and support led to an 18% growth in our sales. Her unfailing enthusiasm, intelligence and intuitive grasp for marketing were of a tremendous value to my company.

Robin - robinhill.net

thanks for "saying it like it is"

I saw Ilise present at a small networking lunch, and was so impressed by her straightforward, honest, clear ability to communicate so simply the complexity that is running your own business. But most importantly, she's a model for women: She says it like it is, doesn't shy away from money talk, and knows what she is worth and doesn't take less. We should all aspire to be just like that.

Terri T - http://territrespicio.com/

thanks for the "actionable and inspiring" tips

Fabulous talk. Most excellent, actionable and inspiring. Wow.

I used the "How much is your budget?' line to secure a fee for a speaking gig at a place where speakers are generally not paid at all. So, hurrah!

It's already working. I'm grateful. I liked the non-nonsense vibe of the workshop and am excited to put more of your tips into action.

Laura Silver - Author of "Knish: In Search of the Jewish Soul Food" (Brandeis University Press, May 2014)

thanks for the helpful, confidence-building nuggets

Thanks so much for your great presentation. I've scoured the web for the volumes of useful advice out there, from client management to pricing to prospecting, and wasn't sure I would learn that much more. But your presentation offered many helpful, confidence-building nuggets and I'm glad I went.

Kimberly K

thanks for the great insight and tips

We sure enjoyed your talk at EFA — everything was pertinent, digestible, relatable, and fun…just what we want from our communications. Beyond the great insights and tips, I learned a lot observing your effective communication style: the relaxed cadence, pauses, audience exchanges, succinctness, and humor. It was a pleasure! Now, to integrating some of those brilliant strategies.

John Ewing - http://the-efa.org/

thanks for the confidence

I really love your online freelancing course. It helped me a lot and kind of opened my eyes. The thing is, some of what I've learned I kind of already knew (deep in myself) but I always kept myself down because I was a bit afraid to be self employed. I know there is still a long way to go, and I have to change my homepage, write down my values, positioning/specialising,... but I know that I can do that now. Thanks to you!

Isabella H.