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marketing plan + calendar


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Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar 

Do you need help:

•    Figuring out which marketing tools are most effective?
•    Knowing exactly what marketing you need to do, when, and how often?
•    Developing a marketing schedule that you will stick to come hell or high water?
•    Carving out and protecting your marketing time?

We know you’re busy. Whether you’re a creative firm owner or solopreneur, you’ve probably got more on your plate than you can handle. But to grow a business in today’s market, you can’t afford to waste your time on the wrong marketing tools. You need to use the most effective and most efficient marketing tools if you’re going to keep your pipeline full.

The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar (206-page spiral-bound printed journal + interactive PDF) The Start Anytime plan, refreshed for 2012, provides more guidance on your marketing tasks and includes all new articles, tips, with Monthly Recaps to track your progress and an Annual Recap at the end of the year.

Praise for The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar :
"Being a creative, my mind is often all over the place. The Marketing Plan is a great tool to organize and to plan the projects of the day. I may not always follow it to the dot but I would not do without it. I am hooked!" -Caroline Blochlinger, CB Advertising Services, Inc.

"I really love the marketing plan.  It helps keep me on track throughout the month on exactly what I need to do in marketing my business.  This is a great program and one that every Entrepreneur should be using!" -Della A. Beaver, DAB Paralegal Services, Inc.

The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar comes in Beginner and Advanced versions.

Should you buy Beginner or Advanced?
In short, the Advanced plan includes everything that’s in the Beginner plan PLUS tasks to build your thought leadership tools that position you as an expert in your field (speaking, writing and case studies).

Can’t choose?

•    Choose the Beginner plan if you haven’t put much effort into your marketing.
•    Choose the Advanced plan if you already know your target markets and have some marketing in place, such as an email newsletter (even if you don’t send it out that often). You will use those as a foundation for the thought leadership.

Buy the Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar now...

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Here's exactly what you get:

The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar
Format: Printed, spiral-bound journal AND interactive pdf (206 pages)

marketing plan + calendar

The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar is a weekly calendar with all of your marketing tasks filled in for you already. It breaks down the tasks in more detail and includes insight, tips, articles, and extra guidance to keep you motivated throughout the year. It includes all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to grow your business.

It provides more guidance on your marketing tasks and includes all new articles, tips, with Monthly Recaps to track your progress and an Annual Recap at the end of the year.

View of inside pages:

inside page 1 inside page 2

That’s not all. The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar also includes:

* Monthly tracking and metrics
* Ready-to-use, customizable phone scripts
* Ideas for online networking
* Advanced marketing strategies when you’re ready to do more
* Profit-driving social networking strategies
* Ideas for how to handle money conversations and scope creep

The printed spiral-bound version is an actual journal with plenty of room for notes – about who you talked to, who you’re supposed to reach out to, what to say to them and more. You can even use it as your "main" calendar for the year—whatever fits best into your life.

You also get the interactive PDF version which allows you add notes on your computer, or gives you the flexibility to print an extra version should you need it.

Make this your best year yet!
By working with the Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in 12 months. As long as you don’t sabotage yourself by ignoring the tasks, your business will grow. As long as you take your own marketing as seriously as you take the work you do for your clients, you will gain new clients, make more money, and learn tools and strategies that will benefit your success and profit for years to come.

Get started right now:

The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar is available in two versions: Beginner and Advanced.

You are a Beginner if:

•    You've been in business a while, gotten most work through word-of-mouth and haven’t
      really done much marketing.
•    You’ve been in business a while but want to introduce your services to a brand new   
•    You recently started your own part-time or full-time business (or think you might be doing
      so soon)
•    You haven’t yet finished your web site (or it desperately needs a revamp)

You are Advanced if:
•    You have an established business
•    You do “some” marketing here and there but get most of your clients through
•    You get work but it’s not the work you want
•    You can’t seem to avoid The Feast or Famine Syndrome

Buy the Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar now. 

The Beginner Plan
The Advanced Plan

marketing plan calendar

206-page spiral-bound
Marketing Plan Journal
+ interactive PDF

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Price: $49.00
(Free U.S. shipping)

marketing plan calendar

206-page spiral-bound
Marketing Plan Journal 

+ interactive PDF

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Price: $49.00
(Free U.S. shipping)

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