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Get 11 sample design proposals and tips
to win projects

Designer's Proposal Bundle: 25 Resources for Project-Winning Proposals

by Ilise Benun

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Price: $99.00
(191-page PDF

Designer's Proposal Bundle:
25 Resources for Project-Winning Proposals

How many times have you submitted a proposal and never heard back from your prospect?

Too many, right?

No phone call. No email. Not a word. You can only assume the worst.

What did you do wrong? Was it the proposal? Was it your price?

You may never know about that one but you aren't helpless about future proposals.

You can make sure your proposal -- and your proposal process -- is as good as it can be by following the examples of other successful designers and creative professionals -- literally!

The Designer's Proposal Bundle helped this designer land a big project:

After 10 years of writing and constantly evolving our proposals, we found it fascinating to review the approaches of other companies in the creative industry. Being able to analyze the varying styles and strategies used by others assisted us in generating brand new ideas of our own, many of which we implemented in our next project proposal. We're happy to report we landed the project -- and it was a big one. -- erin pheil, www.timeforcake.com

In the new Designer's Proposal Bundle: 25 Resources for Project-Winning Proposals, you'll find 11 actual proposals that you can use as models to create your own template, improve your existing template and/or to customize a specific proposal you're working on.

And another designer said: “I purchased and devoured the “Designer's Proposal Bundle” ~ I love this document and everyone in my studio is taking a turn reading it now. Pays for itself! It’s our new Proposal Bible.”  Amy Graver, Elements Design

Here's what you get in this 191-page PDF download:

11 Actual Sample Proposals

  1. Proposal Type: Short. Project: Logo Design for a copywriter.
  2. Proposal Type: Short. Project: Logo/Corp ID + Web site (design only) for a jewelry company.
  3. Proposal Type: Medium. Project: Website refresh + update for an investment bank.
  4. Proposal Type: Long. Project: Website Revamp for a law school (higher ed)
  5. Proposal Type: Medium. Project: Rebranding & packaging for tobacco company.
  6. Proposal Type: Medium. Project: Booklet for a nonprofit.
  7. Proposal Type: Long. Project: Rebranding for a government agency.
  8. Proposal Type: Long. Project: Marketing Campaign for a medical center.
  9. Proposal Type: Medium. Project: Video for a pet product company.
  10. Proposal Type: Long. Project: Marketing Campaign for a public library system.
  11. Proposal Type: Medium. Project: Advertising for a global media company.

Plus, you also get:

9 Keys to help you create job-winning proposals yourself

  • Key 1: What exactly is a proposal? And which proposals are worth doing?
  • Key 2: Pre-Proposal Questions Checklist
  • Key 3: 4 types of proposals
  • Key 4: What should be in your proposal?
  • Key 5: Presenting your proposal
  • Key 6: Responding to objections
  • Key 7: Closing the deal
  • Key 8: Dealing with the Black Hole Syndrome
  • Key 9: What if you don't get the project?

Bonuses on RFPs (Requests for Proposal)

  • Bonus 1. Should you or shouldn't you?
  • Bonus 2. How to decide which RFPs to pursue
  • Bonus 3. How to increase your chances of winning an RFP
  • Bonus 4. Responding to an RFP

Webcast with Ilise Benun: Proposals that Get you the Job

  • Video + PDF of slides

This is exactly what you need to know in order to win the ones you want, without overwhelming you with unnecessary information.

With the right tools, you'll never waste your time on another ill-fitting proposal again.

Ready to get the resources you need to create proposals that win projects? Download it now and you’ll have it open and ready to use immediately,

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Price: $99.00

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