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Ilise Benun
(201) 653-0783


“Just wanted to say that yesterday was really helpful and gave me the focus and help I needed to get me moving.”
Rhonda, Marketing Consultant

“I worked with Ilise over a period of 1 year and her advice and support led to an 18% growth in our sales. Her unfailing enthusiasm, intelligence and intuitive grasp for marketing were of a tremendous value to my company.”

"I’ve been meaning to write you this email for a while now. About two years ago, we had a phone call, and you suggested I veer my art direction career into digital magazines. I followed your advice, and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of the work I’m doing now. Thank you again, for your wonderful advice."

"I recently worked with Ilise to provide assistance writing a proposal for branding & design services. My proposal was already good - but not great - and my track record in winning projects just like this one in a competitive environment was poor. She thoroughly reviewed my proposal, offering excellent tips that included page re-structuring, some copyediting, and advice on content that needed to be included but was missing. And guess what - I won the project! The client reported back that they chose my firm because I demonstrated that I understood the sector they are in better than the competition, as well as their specific branding challenges. Ilise helped me clearly bring those elements out in my winning proposal."

“You have taught me a great deal of tools. I wish there was more I could say about how much I have appreciated all your help and guidance... thank you for everything and helping me achieve one of my biggest dreams!!!"
Mary Ann

"There are many design business counselors out there, but you're the goods! Thanks for such an enjoyable, collegial and informative get-together. Thanks, as well, for the copy of the slideshow – a pearl on every screen.”
Richard, www.salcerdesign.com

"Ilise's guidance and support helped me move from the feast-or-famine cycle - in which I did sales calls during slow times, then dropped the ball completely when busy - to a comprehensive marketing program that has transformed my business. In our year of work together we refined our firm's positioning, launched a dynamic new website, started a monthly newsletter campaign and got two articles published in a major industry magazine. I narrowed our area of specialization after she helped me see how much easier and more effective that made marketing. Once we did that, the opportunities seemed more abundant, not less. Best of all - I'm working with more my dream clients doing my dream projects."

"A lot of the jobs I was doing were one-off jobs. I didn't have enough of a focus and I knew that going in. I was hoping I would gain a focus and actually do the marketing... do the sorts of things I hadn't been doing. I always had a haphazard approach to marketing. This has definitely forced me to finish all the pieces. It has been awesome because now I have everything done. Now when I talk to someone, or meet with someone, I now have a way to follow up with people and a place to send them. I'm not ashamed now! I wasn't doing any marketing, and now I am. It feels really good."
Stephen, http://inkwellnews.com/

"During the last month, I caught myself rewording the way I communicated pricing information and fielding requests. When I hung up the phone, I felt proud of myself. I know it's because of listening to your broadcasts. They have been helping me."

"I realized something this week. I have fallen in love with my job again and I think a big reason why is because I feel so empowered and excited about marketing my business. The process has provided new challenges, new ways of thinking and I feel so much more peaceful about how things are progressing with the business when I'm being proactive about its growth and direction."
Lisa, www.bluemarblecreative.com

"Where I have really, really benefitted from our time together is your help with the proposal process and the technique for getting the budget. I had two new prospect conversations this week where I applied this principle and it is like magic! It works! It saves me time and helps my prospect, too. I am so thankful for your help in this area. Also, my referral engine is working well. I have more work than I can keep up with right now, and I know to keep the pipeline full is an ongoing process which I have begun to build in. So thank you."
Beth, www.thewebservant.com

"My vision for my business has expanded broadly since I've been working with Ilise. It's so helpful to have her voice of experience to help me successfully navigate large - and small but important - decisions as I learn how to grow."
Genevieve, www.redlemoncreative.com

"Working with ilise is better than having a fairy godmother. She teaches you how to connect with your dream clients and price appropriately, helping you grow your business into what you've always wished it to be."
Kathleen, www.bluebirddesignco.com

"I want to thank you for the great sessions we had, as I've been doing my research calling regularly, and my business has really improved dramatically since we last spoke. I've been making a lot more money and am on track to surpass my financial goal for this month."
Doron, www.magneticwebworks.com/

"This group has been not only delightful, but helpful in many ways. I feel more confident moving forward with my marketing and now have a group of likeminded professionals I can bounce ideas off. I have really appreciated your insights and timely advice. On many occasions, when one or more of us found a convenient excuse not to be doing what it was we knew we should be doing, you have come up with an artful work around. Thanks."
Bob, www.stewartcustomhomes.com

"I took your newsletter course last December and to date, I've published seven editions! Matter of fact, I secured a very financially rewarding training assignment this summer from one of my catalog marketer subscribers. And other subscribers have told me how much they enjoy the newsletter. So thanks again for helping me get my newsletter off the ground. Taking your course was money well spent!"
Suzanne, www.catalog-copywriter.com

"When talking to a potential client about a project, I not only used, "Let's talk about money..." but I also aggressively explained my offer, encouraged her to read about it on my web site, and confidently told her if she gave me the job she wouldn't have to worry about it and could get back to coaching her teams (which is her real job, not producing a newsletter!). This is great headway for me and I know this self-confidence and "know how" came from working with you! In the midst of my busiest two months all year, I got an enewsletter out and a postcard! Plus I added 50 more names to my mailing list that I had unearthed for cold calling. Every success like this is an opportunity for me to learn more about myself and running my business."

"In just 30 minutes Ilise helped answer key questions about who our target market should be, and how to reach them. Finding focus for our marketing efforts lifts a huge burden of uncertainty and "what ifs." The direction and solid advice are so worth it!"
Jessica, www.aquavitacreative.com

"I just wanted to say thanks for the direction you provide. This is exactly what I had been looking for over the past year. My company is in a good spot now, but I know in another year it will be even better thanks to what you've already taught me in our few sessions. It must feel really great for your clients to experience this."
Sharon, www.bendingdesign.com

It has been a pleasure to work with you the past months. I have grown and learned so much. The skills I have developed in the Marketing Mentor program have changed my outlook for future prospects and will make a difference wherever they lead me.
Eric, www.ambstudio.com

Ilise, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your help and guidance. I can't express enough how much I value the work you've done with me to help me overcome obstacles like my "don't brag" attitude and talking about money. We reached and exceeded all the goals we set in our first meeting and thanks to you many great ideas came to my mind. I love what I do and I enjoy it even more thanks to you.
Maria, www.denovodezign.com

I just finished doing all the exercises in the 'The Designer's Guide to Marketing and Pricing," and LOVED it! I've also been listening to your podcasts! Way to go! I thought I knew how to market myself, but I was wrong! Your guidance has been invaluable and I can't say enough.
Kami, www.kamitremblaydesign.com

Once again, you have crystallized my rambling thoughts into a golden nugget of inspiration.
Drury, www.workerbeecreative.com

"Working with Ilise has been an empowering process for me. I am discovering that I actually LIKE cold-calling. It is a great way to quickly qualify prospects and move on to more marketing. It's not the burden I thought it would be. But more importantly, I am learning to use the effective tools Ilise has given me, which significantly increased my self-confidence and motivation about moving forward in my business. Ilise helped me get over the fear, the excuses, and her no-nonsense approach has kept me accountable to myself. She is the consummate professional."
Amy, www.elementgraphicdesign.com

I recently purchased "The Designer's Guide to Marketing and Pricing," "Self-Promotion Online," and "The Art of Self Promotion." I found you through HOW magazine and feel completely blessed to have done so!! I have started implementing a few of the tips and tricks (note my email signature - I didn't have one prior to reading your book(s)) and already feel more confident and professional. I have often labeled myself as "good at being creative," and "bad at business." Your books are helping me reprogram my thinking about myself, and I expect to see high returns. So, Thank You!
Brenda, www.coroflot.com/brenda_cornett

"*THANK YOU* (a million times over) for being such a trusted source for just about everything!"
Jezra Kaye, www.jezrakaye.com

"Ilise, I had a complimentary mini phone consult with you many months ago and I just (finally) implemented one of your excellent suggestions. You thought instead of listing my clients by location (Kauai and Napa Valley), I should list them by category. Part of the motivation was to show a specialty in the visitor industry. Well, I wanted to report to you that it worked out even better than I thought, the first alpha categories being Accommodations (with the two top hotels on island prominently featured) and Activities (lots of those). So a belated THANK YOU for your generous advice."
Linda, www.kauaidesign.com

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and wealth of knowledge. I am listening to you every day and it is helping me build confidence in my marketing endeavors. I am excited to see where this goes and where I will be in a year from know.
Danoucha, www.danooshadesigns.com

Thank you for your support in helping me take a fresh and clear look at my business interests and goals. This allowed us to decide on the best marketing strategies, focus on a particular market (niche) and decide where I want my business to be in the near future. Your straight forward approach to helping me create the business that I desire was very helpful. I really appreciated how you were able to keep us on task and give us feedback about our assignments in a very timely manner. Thanks to Marketing Mentor, I know that my marketing strategy is on the right track for meeting my next business goals.
Rosalyn, www.justaskrosalyn.com

I've been meaning to email you a HUGE thanks. I have most of your books and got tons of help from your How Web cast on pricing that you had the year before last. The other day I got a project from a long-time client. She asked what I thought for a rate and I asked her what she was thinking for the budget. She gave me a rate that was twice as much and thousands more than I was going to ask for. Incredible! Thank you so much for helping me with the difficulties of pricing. It seemed so easy!
Kathleen, www.giarannodesign.com

"I thank you so much for helping me with this - I think I'd still be spinning my wheels! Once again you've been a great partner for me in this sometimes halting process of getting the word out about what I do. Thank you. Thank you."
Maxine, Feldenkrais practitioner

"Working with Ilise has been a pleasure. She has been smart, intuitive, creative and inspiring while gently pushing me towards getting the business side of my business back on track. Her tailored approach, out-of-the-box thinking and years of experience have shown me that I can mold my business into the dream that I imagined it could be...all done with a sense of humor, too. I highly recommend this consummate professional...she knows what she is doing...and with her help and guidance you will too!"
Elliot, designer and event planner

"I can't believe how much I accomplished in such a short time! My freelance copywriting business is successfully launched thanks to Ilise and her Marketing Mentor program. In less than 5 months of her mentoring I wrote and mailed my self-promotion sales letter; developed and executed a self-promotion follow-up campaign; wrote a marketing plan; created a web site; and launched a free monthly e-newsletter. Plus I've got a contract with a new client for 7 projects; 2 others in the wings; and referrals coming in. My weekly calls with Ilise chopped months if not years of low productivity time off the front end of my business development. Not to mention all the great ideas she gave me that I'm phasing in over time. Ilise is a diamond mine of experience, insight, and resources. It's a dream partnering with such a dynamic professional."
Karen, Fundraising and Sales Writer, www.pkscribe.com

"The recent conference I attended wouldn't have gone so well if I hadn't done all the preliminary prep work on my message, tagline, web site and sell sheets. I'm way more focused than I ever was, in terms of my messaging and how I communicate it. The pipeline is full and now I have to figure out to deliver. I think we've created a Marketing Monster."
Louis, www.convivio.com (Montreal, Canada)

"Ilise Benun's solid, thoughtful and "cut to the chase" advice has been so helpful in getting my business going, it's hard to quantify. She brings objective, generous, non-competitive, and focused advice to the table on a regular basis. It's amazing how much of a difference this has made for me in my approach to building my business and my confidence."
Karen, www.LuckyDogGraphicDesign.com

"I have to admit I was skeptical about what value you could add to developing my business when we first started. I'm no longer skeptical. You played an enormous role in getting me to where I am today ... paying job assignments, giving me a sense of confidence and control about moving my business forward, a feeling that I can reach any of my goals. You helped turn the vision of my business into a reality. I really feel now I couldn't have done it without you or at least I'd be so much farther behind than where I am today. You not only gave me the prodding to get things moving, but you gave me incredibly effective tools and venues and approaches to making it all work. THANK YOU!"
Joanne, www.scriptedinc.com

"I am timid, shy, and non-assertive, but with Ilise Benun's guidance and advice, I have been able to overcome my natural tendencies and earn millions of dollars in my own business."
Bob, www.bly.com

"Without your efforts I wouldn't be this busy. This is a product of your success with me. You've changed my mindset, and it only took 6 months. Self promotion is always top of mind for me now."
Don, www.primelight.net

"I think working with you has been one of the best things I have done! I learn something new each week to help my business grow."
Debra, www.workinglikeadog.com

"Literally a week after working with Ilise, I reached one of my annual goals. I also love Ilise's advice on managing what quickly became more leads and clients than I knew how to handle."
Fern, www.backburnerprojects.com

"This process has been really good for me. I'm discovering that I'm not alone and that marketing is interesting and actually pretty fun. I thought it would be a huge chore. Plus, I'm starting to believe in myself."
Janey, www.liquidlanguage.com

"One of the things I value you most about working with you has been your ability to help me find G.Scott!Design's brand voice."
G. Scott, www.gscottdesign.com

"Having been in marketing most of my career, I thought I knew a thing or two about marketing, but you've provided a new source of inspiration. It's really liberating to look at my own marketing from another perspective. Thanks again!"
Joan, www.jdamico.net

"I am thrilled with what we're doing. It's money well spent."
Elliott, www.ask4pfg.com

"I find your service so valuable especially I am in business for myself. It's great to have a sounding board and someone to guide me. It's an essential part of my business. You can quote me on that."
Carol Nadell, www.selectivecasting.com

"You are SO GOOD at what you do. I was feeling so overwhelmed that I nearly canceled our session, thinking that I would simply waste your time because of my lack of preparation. But I'm very glad I didn't. You forced me to move my marketing forward. You dragged me kicking and screaming to my website, and now, five hours later, I've sent the changes to my web designer, along with the instructions for putting the site live. Thank you so very much."
Mistina Bates, www.marketitwrite.com

"I was a little skeptical at first, but since I started Marketing Mentor, I've never looked back. We finished my web site together and now it gets rave reviews. Plus, I've picked up 3 new clients in the last month alone!"
Collin, Direct Response Copywriter & Consultant

"When I began the Marketing Mentor Program with Ilise two years ago, I had no previous experience in marketing. Today, as a result of our work together, I have been able to get over thirty meetings with prospective clients for our company, I have also been responsible for bringing in eleven new projects. Her help has been invaluable to me and has allowed me to learn as I go. I highly recommend her Marketing Program to anyone needing to learn or improve their marketing skills."
Suzie, Films for Industry

"The Marketing Mentor program has shown me new perspectives and new avenues for getting and retaining clients. One result is that I am more comfortable talking to people in any setting, both those I have never met and recent acquaintances. Also, I have developed the habit of participating regularly in Chamber of Commerce functions, where I have met many businesspeople (even got a job), and was recently called in to the Chamber for a portfolio review. Third, I think my writing has improved and I learned how to gain the reader's interest and be more succinct in e-mails, e-letters, and articles for publication. Plus, the regular phone conferences helped to keep me on track. Thanks for your personalized program. You went above and beyond the Marketing Mentor contract."
Susan, www.stillwater-studio.com

"I really appreciate the help and the guidance you gave me. I think just overcoming the initial inertia of marketing myself was a big accomplishment. Now, I have the tools. In addition, you helped me get a handle on pricing my work. Now all I have to do is work with the tools you gave me and showed me how to use. If anyone is looking for 'tools of the marketing trade', I'm going to point them to you. Thank you so much."
Ken, copywriter, Japan

"You got me out the bad working habits and into much better ones."
Tom, www.ballyhoocom.ca

"One good idea from my mentor, Ilise Benun, paid the fee five times over and probably will land me a spot on the Today Show. That's what I call leverage!"
Evan, www.drlipkis.com

"In the email advertising her 3-Month Marketing Plan Group, Ilise Benun outlined a very ambitious agenda and promised that anyone willing to do the work would accomplish everything on the list. I figured if I only learned how to get comfortable making cold calls, I would have gotten more than my money's worth. As the class got going, I discovered that Ilise intended to stick to her promise. I did the work, learned how to make cold calls easily, efficiently and happily...and so much more! I totally recommend Ilise and her Marketing Plan Group to you!"
Patrice, www.acornadvertising.com

"Thanks for all your advice these last couple of months! It was really helpful to get permission from someone other than myself to set limits with clients. The 'scope creep' advice helped immensely, and it felt so good to say, "This is beyond the scope" and be paid for the extra work."
Kelly, www.copylicious.com

"I am getting more of the work I want, passing on the work I don't want. But the most important result is that I have found the process of marketing to be a creative outlet."
Lauri, www.panaramadesign.com

"Thanks again for your help. I'm so excited! I've been working towards this for the past few months and now it's about to happen, yeah! This course put me on a timeline which forced me to create the newsletter. For those of us who may be procrastinators or work part-time freelancing while working full-time elsewhere, finding the time can be a major challenge. Knowing I paid my hard-earned money pushed me to finish and I'm so glad I did, because now I have a great marketing tool all set up and ready to use!"
Suzanne, www.catalog-copywriter.com

"My revenue has increased 30% since I started Marketing Mentor. Ilise worked with me to strengthen my skills and build my confidence. Now I know exactly how to identify a lead, respond quickly, and close the deal. My investment in the Marketing Mentor program has more than paid for itself. I'm thrilled with the results."
Gail, Texas

"I was very pleased with your presentation on networking during the Editorial Freelancers Association conference. You were unpretentious but not inane; succinct but not superficial; and humorous but not arch. You skipped the inflated jargon often used by speakers and writers who have nothing to say and avoided the cutsy-poo condescension and elaborate fictional anecdotes that mar much self-help advice. Your own advice was apt."
Marie, Editorial Freelancers Association

"We had nothing but rave reviews about your program. People liked your down-to-earthedness and everyone picked up practical tips."
Donna, New Jersey Women Business Owners

"I really look forward to your tips and cannot wait to hear what you have to say each time - they are always so insightful ..."
Lori, Shadow Oak Studio

"Your online newsletter is absolutely terrific. You combine extremely valuable content with style and personality. Fabulous job!" Ivan, www.levison.com